Give during the 2019 Drum Corps Giving Challenge!

Your donation can help launch us into an amazing 2020 season with Zephyrus Drum & Bugle Corps! Right now DCI is running the Drum Corps Giving Challenge to help bring awareness to fundraising goals by its member organizations! We are proud to be the only active Oklahoma representative in DCI, and we believe that YOU, our community, has the power to make this into something special! We are accepting donations because we want to bring our students a life-changing 2020 season. To do that, we have to invest in the infrastructure of the organization and begin building the components of a competitive, nationally touring drum corps!

You tax-deductible donation will go directly into the preparations for our 2020 “tour”, and help bring the opportunity to march in a competitive drum corps back to Tulsa, OK! Thank you all for your amazing support.

Zephyrus Arts Institute is a 501c3 organization.

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