Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zephyrus Arts Institute?

Zephyrus is a Tulsa-area youth arts organization specializing in performing arts. We are currently developing programs for drum corps, marching band, concert band, dance, color guard, and more! See our "about us" page.

Is Zephyrus starting a drum corps?

Yes. We are working directly with SoundSport (a program of Drum Corps International) to grow Oklahoma's own competitive drum corps. To be the first to know more, click HERE.

Will Zephyrus Drum Corps do a full tour in 2019?

No. As we start small and build a strong foundation, the drum corps experience will at first be a fraction of both the cost and normal time commitment of a competitive drum corps in DCI. This experience is part of the 2019 Zephyrus Marching Academy.

What is Zephyrus Marching Academy (ZMA)?

It's a camp for band students that trains members of all skill levels how to maximize their talent. Over the course of the camp, they work through physical and artistic training as well as receive great insight in seminars. As a component of the camp, students perform as members of the Zephyrus beta ensemble.

When/Where is ZMA?

The ZMA 2019 schedule will be released soon, but will begin near the end of June, and end mid-July at the Bixby Band Center at Bixby High School.

I live outside of the Tulsa area. Is there housing during Zephyrus Marching Academy?

At this time, we do not have arrangements to host students overnight. After rehearsals end each evening, students are released to go home. For those whose commute is longer than 45 minutes, we suggest the option of making arrangements with a host family during consecutive rehearsal days.

*Who can attend ZMA?

Performers (Woodwind, Brass, Percussion, color guard) that have at least one season of marching band experience.
UPDATE: Our age limit was formerly class of 2017. We have opened up Zephyrus to all high school and college age performers. Please get in contact for questions.

Do I have to audition for ZMA 2019?

Yes. We are holding audition clinics for musicians February 2nd and April 6th, as well as a color guard audition clinic on May 4th. If you are unable to attend one of these, we will take video submissions.

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